Friday, October 31, 2008

Packages and Rates

Red Lotus Productions offers two service levels for authors:

Teaser Trailer - $139

A Teaser Trailer is a short, commercial-length trailer (40 to 60 seconds) for your book, comprised of high-quality photos and effects with titles and music.

What we do:

* Read a detailed synopsis (up to 15 pages) and the first 50 pages of your novel (please include the ending in your synopsis! Don’t worry; we won’t give it away.).
* Create a concept for your Teaser Trailer.

What you’ll get:

* A high-quality short Teaser for your novel.
* E-mail file delivery (.wmv or .avi format) in a .zip folder.
* Distribution on our YouTube channel and MySpace page.

See a sample Teaser Trailer

Full-Length Trailer - $379

Our full-length trailers (1:50 to 2:20) are high-quality trailers similar to those you see at movie theaters. Full trailers feature a blend of stock and custom footage, along with animated titles or voiceovers and music/sound effects.

What we do:

* Read your entire novel (hard copy preferred, e-copy accepted in PDF, .doc or .txt format).
* Create a concept for your Full-Length Trailer.
* Film exclusive footage for inclusion in your trailer (note: in some cases, Red Lotus Productions may also produce exclusive music for Full-Length Trailers).

What you’ll get:

* A high-quality Full-Length Trailer for your novel.
* File delivery via e-mail (.zip folder) and via U.S. Mail on DVD.
* Distribution on our blog, YouTube channel and MySpace page; Google and AOL Video, and Metacafe.

See a sample Full-Length Trailer


Please note that Red Lotus Productions cannot create trailers for:

* Nonfiction
* Poetry or chapbooks
* Children’s titles
* Erotica (coming soon . . . check back for erotica trailer services)

We are not a publicity service. Red Lotus Productions cannot be held responsible for sales figures for your novels. We provide authors with a powerful tool that can assist in book promotion, but we cannot guarantee an increase in sales.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coming Soon . . .

Red Lotus Productions creates customized, high-quality book trailers for authors who want to build buzz, increase exposure and generate interest in their work. We use a blend of custom and stock video footage, coupled with titles and music or music/voiceover mixes, for a finished product that rivals the best movie trailers out there.

Look for samples of our work, rate information, and special Grand Opening offers . . . coming soon to Red Lotus Productions.

Visit our YouTube Channel:

Check out our MySpace Page: